Thank You

Hello, Friend -

It is with an abundance of love and gratitude to you who have contributed in your own unique and thrilling way to the PB Buttermilk’s magic over the years that I share with you the news that PB Buttermilk’s will be closing at the end of July 2015.

By walking into the store, you walked into a universe that I hope emboldened you with a sense of strength from positivity and community, real human interaction, and the fearlessness to trust your instincts, both fashion and otherwise.  Please know that you did all of those things and so much more for me by having the curiosity and courage to wander over to my unknown, oddly named nook on Ninth Street (and later, Hillsborough Road), whether the wandering was just once or countless times.

This was a difficult decision, to be sure, and as much as I will miss puttering around the shop, promoting aesthetic approaches to reuse, trying to stem the powerful tide of a clothing monoculture, and curating all of the odd and wonderful treasures that come through the door, what I will miss most is you.  Your support, encouragement, and our many shared laughs made my days/weeks/months/years.  Thank you!

Love + Happiness and Buttermilk Family Always,

Peace Bouquet Buttermilk

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